October -Mission and Rosary Month


October 2 Saturday -6:15PM Rosary 

October 8 Friday -7PM Rosary

October 15 Friday -7PM Rosary

October 22 Friday -7PM Rosary

October 30 Saturday - 6:15 PM Rosary



Octubre –Mes De  Mision y Rosario

Sábado 2 de Octubre -6:15PM Rosario

Viernes 8 de Octubre  -7PM Rosario

Viernes 15 de Octubre  -7PM Rosario

Viernes 22 de Octubre  -7PM Rosario

Sábado 30 de Octubre - 6:15 PM Rosario




Please have your mass intentions written out before coming to our office.You may also email us your request to preciousblood.la@gmail.com or call us at (213)389-8439.

Por favor tenga sus intenciones escritas antes de venir a nuestra oficina. También puede enviarnos su solicitud
 por correo electrónico a preciousblood.la@gmail.com o llámenos al (213) 389-8439.

                            Click the link below for printable mass intention slip                                                                                     Haga clic para imprimir                                                                                                  CLICK HERE FOR MASS INTENTION SLIP  

OUR MISSION:  To make our vision and our dream a reality we shall identify and utilize the various gifts and cultural treasures as we fulfill together our three-fold mission: to form ourselves become true disciples, to celebrate our faith, and to serve the social needs of the people in our community. We shall be sensitive to the dynamic and cosmopolitan character of our environment which invites us to give a fitting Christian response.    



Religious Education

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Office Hours

              Monday-Friday:                         8:30am-5:00pm                  Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm              Sunday: 6am-1:30pm           

Online Giving

You can Remit your donations and weekly mass collections online.

Online Mass



              Monday-Saturday               8:00am (English)

            Saturday/Sabado:                       5:00pm (English)              

                      Sunday:                             6:30am  (Spanish) 
           8:30am (English) 
                     10:30am  (Spanish)                12:30pm (English)   

       Masses are now being held inside the church




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